Yamaha Testing Mystery MT-Series Bike on Indian Roads | What it could be?

Is this a new Yamaha product for India? Seems like an MT-Series street machine! Recently, Yamaha test rider was spotted riding a mystery motorcycle on Indian roads, hinting an exclusive product that could launch in the Indian market soon.

A surprise package by the company, the exact model name cannot be identified by just simply visualizing the body details of the bike. This typical Yamaha design, as seen here has actually borrowed many of its features from previous models such as Yamaha MT-15 and Yamaha MT-03. Rumor has it that Yamaha might just go ahead and launch a brand new naked MT series bike for the Indian buyers, but as of now, there is no concrete news about it. So can we expect Yamaha to launch something that we are not even expecting?

Whatever it is, signs are that the developments are strictly under the wraps. Recently two Yamaha bikes were spotted on the Indian roads, supposedly for testing. As can be seen in the pictures and the video below, the front half of the bike looked a lot like the one in MT-03 with extended tank shrouds while the front headlight seems inspired from Yamaha M-Slaz. As astonishing as it looks, it is sure to strike some charisma on the Indian roads. So the good news is that Yamaha might as well be working on it’s Indian version of MT-03 similar to the MT-15.

From the side-view pictures it seems it gives away the looks, such as the massive fuel tank with plastic finish which the original MT-03 does not have. We were in for a treat to get a glimpse of it with it’s sharp and aggressive styling.

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Also the bikes were seen with a tyre hugger, which is not seen in the variant’s international versions giving us a hint that these bikes might be prepared for the Indian roads (As huggers are a compulsory regulation by the Indian government). Expect a more fuel-efficient toned down version borrowed from it’s international counterparts!

Also according to the markings on hugger seen as “Frame no. 193 and Engine no. 106”, it suggests that over a 100 units of this variant have been made. The markings also suggest that the bikes were on a road endurance.

Now, the biking fans in India sure have a reason to rejoice in the coming days. Yamaha R3’s retail price is INR 3.26 lakhs while we can expect the same to be priced below INR 3 lakh, thereby giving competition to Kawasaki Z250 within a similar price range.

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Source : Auto Blog India

Some sources are even hinting that this could be a 250 cc, single cylinder street bike for the Asian markets. Yamaha could be using parts from various motorcycle to simply test the new frame and engine for a quarter liter competitor for India. It could be the next big thing as they offer no bike in between the Yamaha R15 (Rs 1.20 lakh) to R3 (Rs 3.26 lakh). It could create the same magic again as FZ once did years back.

I wish it is a 250cc single-cylinder street motorcycle, am a big time Yamaha fan, hope they unveil the bike officially in coming days…