Yamaha MOTOBOT V1.0 - The Autonomous Motorcycle Riding Humanoid Robot

Yamaha surprised everyone @ the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with the introduction of MOTOBOT version 1.0, a robot capable of riding a motorcycle. It is for the very first time when a machine is riding the performance oriented track machine Yamaha R1M in a perfect race manner. It can balance a motorcycle, brake, change gears, perform a wheelie and do much more like a normal human being.

The autonomous humanoid robot has been made with an intention of understanding the complex motorcycling phenomenons and making the ride safe for human riders. Even though the use of traction and stability control systems have made it a lot safe to steer the bike with full throttle on the corners but when it comes to the mind of the rider, the engineers have no control over that. The MOTOBOT is here to unlock all the riding secrets of a fierceful rider.

Yamaha has planned to make the robot race against its 9 time world champion Valentino Rossi and expect the same to beat the champion sometime in its life. Honda’s ASIMO has been learning to kick and took a lot of time to do the same whereas Yamaha just showed how a complex task like riding a superbike can be achieved by its MOTOBOT.

The practical implementations of MOTOBOT V1.0 will be decided upon its advancements in the coming time. Yamaha can work more on the project to get better motorcycles and better riding habits in future. In other words, the MOTOBOT V1.0 can revolutionize the biking industry with its precise calculations and data collection from various riding styles.

Yamaha MOTOBOT V1.0 Riding Video

Official Photos of Yamaha MOTOBOT V1.0