Yamaha Enticer Insurance Problems

Has anyone else got a Yamaha Enticer? I have tried to insure it today and it’s not on the list of bikes with the insurance companies. When you tell them the model they just won’t insure it. I have had a quote of Swinton on a special one off but they want £1200.00 a year. If I go on the comparison sites and tell them it’s an Sr125 it’s only £97.00 and that’s as near as could be the same bike. Any ideas people

Even both the bikes fall under the same engine category, paying such a high amount for a 125cc bike would not be a good option. You can even see that the insurance value is crossing the original cost of the bike. You can consult some other insurance firms as it’s practically not possible to cut a bike’s name from the list of vehicles to be insured. If this was possible, many of the collective cars of 1960’s would not have been seen on the roads after few years.

Well the good news is I’ve found an insurance company that will take it on. After talking to Yamaha uk and explaining my predicament they gave me the name and number of an insurance company that they use and all is well. It turns out that the Enticer was made for the Indean market and not for the uk. God knows how it ended up over here but it has and its registered as a uk bike on the V5. Many thanks to Yamaha customer service they did me proud.

Frank Elswood