Xiaomi's First Smartwatch Is a Baby Bodyguard Aimed at Kids

Xiaomi’s new smartwatch, the Bunni MI, is quite a revolution in the wearable tech industry. Firstly, because of its extremely affordable price of just $49 (roughly INR 320) and secondly, because it’s aimed at little children.

The Bunny Mi, also known as Mitu Watch, can make phone calls and store upto 12 contacts. It houses an in-built GPS option that allows you to trace your kid’s location. The watch also keeps records of GPS data of over three months.

The watch is available in Red and Blue colors

You can also set zonal boundaries, and if your kid steps out of them, you’ll get an immediate notification. The watch also has a panic button that’ll record the surroundings for 7 seconds, and send it you along with your kid’s location.

Dubbed the baby bodygaurd, it has an SOS panic button.

Mi Bunny comes with a 300mAh battery which according to Xiaomi, lasts like 6 days. Besides GPS, the watch supports WiFi, Bluetooth and GLONASS.

Seem’s like Xiaomi is making a pretty effective use of technology for safety!