Which one should I buy: Yamaha R15 V2 or Bajaj Pulsar RS200?

Which one is better in terms of build quality, performance and features?

When it comes to the bikes with different engine sizes and same price tag, it becomes an easy choice as you can select between the bigger one for more power while if not, choose the smaller one for a mileage oriented approach. This time, the things are a bit different as the one on the rival side of the Pulsar RS200 is Yamaha R15 v2.0. The Pulsar RS200 can easily be called the beast out of the both while R15 is clever and underpins one of the best chassis around the world.

Let’s first compare the basic figures of both the bikes.


  • 24.2 BHP
  • 18.6 Nm
  • 6 Speed Manual Gearbox
  • 165 Kg
  • 146.67 BHP/tonne
  • 112.73 Nm/tonne
  • INR 1,20,500

R15 v2.0

  • 16.8 BHP
  • 15 Nm
  • 6 Speed Manual Gearbox
  • 136 Kg
  • 123.53 BHP/tonne
  • 110.29 Nm/tonne
  • INR 1,18,373

The real life figures of these bikes will clear out most of the misconceptions that RS200 can easily win over the R15. It will win for sure but the game won’t be as easy as seem with the engine sizes only. RS200 is a highway killer as its heavy weight and loads of power helps a rider cruise at triple digit speeds without fatigue while the R15 is a track beast in actual sense.

The lightweight chassis and ultra sharp handling makes it a potential track machine which can easily run ahead of the RS200 on tight curves and make a mind blowing impression while when it would be a time for drag race, the Pulsar will finish it’s 100 kmph sprint in just 9.92 seconds while R15 will make it in 13.07 seconds.

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The real world mileage of the Pulsar would never exceed 35 kmpl in the mix riding conditions while the R15 on the same route and same speed would return 45 kmpl. Every liter adds 10 kilometers to your pocket. The confusion hence gets solved as a person who rides on straight roads and needs power can go for the RS200 while the one who likes riding on tracks or zig zag roads and loves the comfort of sharp handling can go for the R15.

RS200 provides a host of features like DRL’s, dual projector headlamps and ABS as an option while Yamaha still wins over in the terms of overall quality and design of the bike.

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