Which is the best color in RE Classic 500cc?

hello,actually i want to buy a enfield classic 500cc .Which is the best color in it .Almost vwhich color is suits for this exept silver.
And that color is available in Karnataka.
please give information about it and if you can send that image also and one more thing is matt blue color is available in 350cc.
Thank you.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 looks best in which shade?

  • Classic Silver
  • Classic Black
  • Classic Tan

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Classic Silver

Classic Black

Classic Tan

Classic Black is the best and everlasting shade from Royal Enfield. Its ageless finish and perfect gloss makes it the best option from all the three shades. It gets a classy combination of a white stripe on the front as well as the rear mudguard with the Black finish on both of its sides. The off-road exhaust looks good and the single seat arrangement can be changed into a double one with additional accessory seat.