When will Yamaha launch the R125 and MT125 in the Indian market?

Yamaha India have seen their rivals already entering the market with new bikes in the 125cc segment and yet again Yamaha has the chance to takeover the market by launching the R125 and MT125 which seem to be clear winners in terms of design and technology. The question is, when will they do it!

The R125 and MT125 are very closely related products to the Yamaha R15 and MT15. The international market pricing for these 125cc performance machines is quite high when considered to the Indian made Yamaha R15. This makes it unpractical for the company to offer these machines at the time when 150 cc segment price is much better than their actual prices. If they place the same close to INR 1 lakh, it would disturb the sales of its existing products like Fazer and placing MT125 a bit below will again kill the FZ series.

The only way everything is possible is by discontinuing the FZ and Fazer series from the Indian market and imposing the MT 125 and R125 at their existing prices or with a bit of a hike (INR 90,000-1,00,000). Let’s see if Yamaha makes this bold move and bring MT series instead of updating the FZ series over the time.

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