What is the actual top speed of Bajaj Pulsar NS200?

hi guys ,
I’m a proud owner of pulsar 200ns but after doing from different sites I came to know that other bikes r doing more than a 145kmph while mine is struggling to go over 130kmph is there any suggestions anyone can make

Hi Anubav,

Bajaj claims the top speed of Pulsar 200NS to be 135 Kmph. So if you can hit the 130 mark, that’s quite good.

Now coming to claims of 200NS crossing 140 Kmph, please allow me to tell you that those speeds are speedometer indicated, and not necessarily correct. All the manufacturers are allowed to keep a 10% error margin in their speedometers so it is common to see people claiming they can go 150 Kmph on a R15 or 145 Kmph on a 200NS. But those claims arn’t true, and most usually result from speedometer errors.


thanx gurpartap that was helpful, sorry for late reply