Victory Motorcycles from Polaris to shut production

Victory Motorcycles is an iconic Cruiser brand of American origin which started it’s production in 1998. Polaris which owns the brand recently made an announcement that it is going to shut down it’s production.

The reason for the decision can be credited to low market share which makes their venture far from profitable. Polaris said that they are going to stop the production for Victory Motorcycles with an immediate effect. But the company also said that they will help the dealers in liquidating the inventories and spare parts will also be available for the next 10 years.

All the help from company will also include servicing and warranty. After getting a relief from Victory Motorcycles as a venture, the company said that it can now focus on Indian Motorcycles which is doing very well in the United States. Apart from that, Polaris fancy brand Slingshot will also get some mileage on company’s sales plans.

Victory Motorcycles ends its 18 year old run with this decision from Polaris but the company already has 2 strong brands in the form of Indian and Slingshot to get all the market attention. In such a scenario, Victory Motorcycles does not have a good customer recall. Also, Victory Motorcycle dealers can now sell Indian Motorcycles.