Two kids die instantly after throats slit by kite thread

The Independence Day Celebrations didn’t end happily for everyone in the Capital. There were three incidents reported out of which two proved to be life-ending for two kids. The first incident that was reported was of Sanchi Goyal, who was sitting in her mother’s lap and her father was driving the car. She requested her father to open the sunroof of the car to enjoy the celebrations all around.

After her father opened the sunroof of his Honda City, Sanchi popped her head out of the window and her mother held her beneath. But within few seconds, Sanchi collapsed into her mother’s lap. This happened because a a kite thread had slit her throat resulting into her death instantly. She couldn’t even get time to scream for help. According to reports by police, the kite thread had slit her vocal chords and windpipe leading to her death instantly.

Another incident reported was of a 4 yr old Harry who died in the same manner while his head was out of the sunroof of his dad’s Maruti Swift DZire. A third case was also reported that involved 8 yr old Harry travelling on a motorcycle with his dad. Since the boy was sitting in the front, he got badly injured when a thread of the kite glaced with glass slit his throat. Fortunately, the boy survived but he got 24 stitches on his throat.

Out of the three terrible incidents, two took away life of children instantly even without letting them to shout or scream for help. As a result of it, government had to announce a ban on the sale or use of glass-laced thread for flying kites in the capital.

Also, it is advisable for all of us to avoid popping our heads out of the sunroof of our car.