TVS Apache RTR 200 Gets User Fitted ABS From An Apache 180

The TVS Apache RTR 200 is already an iconic sports bike in the newly updated naked street bikes indian segment. The company had promised an ABS upgrade on the model way back in January, 2016. Thw wai RTR 200 owner from Pune has made an exception to this rule. The user has apparently built a dual channel ABS APache RTR 200 on his own.

The bike enthusiast from Pune already owns an Apache RTR 180 ABS and decided to retro fit in into his to be custom built Apache RTR 200 from his Apache 180. The total expenses for the update amount to INR 38,000 including :

  1. HCU with inbuilt ABS functionality – INR 22,000
  2. 180 Wiring harness- INR 5,500
  3. Speed sensor front and rear – INR 1,500 each
  4. Brake pipes- INR 1,500 each
  5. Sensor disk – INR 700 each

In his own words, Dhiraj, the user added “Mechanical parts and brake pipes are direct fit . However, there is modification required for wiring harness. If someone needs details then I can help with wiring layout. With this modification, ABS is working but I was not able to connect ABS indicator on IP.”

Although the cost of the upgrade is a little too expensive for the average cost of bikes, with the help of advice from the user, many Apache RTR 200 owners can get this upgrade done form the market. It will be a much needed change given the fact that ABS is not available in the premium naked street bike from TVS.