Toyota Providing Extended Warranty Upto 7 Years

Toyota Kirloskar Motors is providing extended warranty packages on all its cars for the very first time. Toyota cars are one of the best built cars from all the others and generally do not create a situation of worry for the owners even after a long ownership experience.

The peace of mind after owning a Toyota has now further been enlightened by the company as the various extended warranty packages can be bought for more assurance than ever. The two packages are named Toyota True Warranty and Toyota Timeless Warranty.

The difference in these packages depend upon car’s age, kilometers and maintenance schedule. Both of them include Roadside Assistance, Genuine Parts and All India Coverage.

True Warranty package is available for those whose cars are within the warranty period while the Timeless Package deals with owners of Toyota cars that are not driven more than 1,40,000 kms or 7 years old. It can be bought for another 20,000 kilometers every year. The value will be dependent on the maintenance history of the vehicle.

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