Toyota Fortuner 2016 Opens Up with 5,600 bookings in two weeks

Toyota recently launched its second generation range of immensely successful Toyota Fortuner. The Premium SUV opened up with massive 5,400 booking in a mere two weeks time.

Toyota came up with a much needed upgrade for it’s high end SUV which comes at about 2.3 lakh higher the price of the previous Fortuner model. The new Fortuner comes with a base price of 27.52 lakhs. The company opened up for bookings on Novemeber 7. And the model has already recieved an overhwhelming number of 16,000 enquiries and 5,400 bookings. The SUV could not have had a better start in the Indian market. Acording to the dealers, the automatic variant has recieved the most number of enquiries by customers.

The new Fortuner comes with a 2.8 litre Diesel engine with an optional 4WD add-on. The 2.7 litre petrol variant also comes with the option of 2WD at 25.92 lakhs. All models are offered in automatic and manual transmission option according to preference. Also the automatic diesel engine variant with 4WD and 2WD are said to be creating the most buzz. Pear White and Phantom brown are 2 shades said to be in the most demand by the customers.

Due to a large number of bookings there is a shortage of supply.The current booked Fortuner models are expected to be delivered by December-January in the coming months.But the local dealers recommend booking the 2017 Toyota Fortuner to be manufactured next year to keep up with the shortage this year.