Tips & Tricks: 7 Ways to Improve Your Car's Mileage

Cars are the best partners for everyday commuting in most of our cities as they keep us safe from outside harsh conditions. This makes a loving bond between the driver and a car while low mileage acts as the only factor creating negative impact in this relationship. Most of the mileage myths are dependent on the actual health of the engine as a badly maintained engine can never compete with an excellently maintained one.

Here is a list of points which should be always considered before we assume that our car will never return a good mileage figure (unless it’s a V12 and we expect the 12 kmpl figure!).

  • Tyre Pressure

The most important factor in fuel efficiency alteration is the tyre pressure of the car. Let’s be true to the fact and know the suggested tyre pressure of the car before we refill the air next time at the fuel station. Lower pressure is a curse to the car as it increases the overall friction and contact with the earth surface and it just not ends here as every kilogram inside the car starts putting extra pressure due to this opposing force.

This results in more fuel usage for pulling that weight and reduces the tyre life greatly. Not just that, the surface of tyre when rolling over a sharp pin with proper air has lesser chances of penetration than the extra pressure low air tyre. Excess air in the tyre improves fuel efficiency but drastically reduces the braking power and on-road grip of the car. Not just that, it increases the chances of a tyre burst as air inside expands when driving at higher speeds.

  • Accelerator/Braking/Clutch

Another good habit of maintaining an excellent fuel efficiency hides withing the ABC of the car. Yes, the accelerator denotes an ‘A’ while B and C stands for brake and clutch of the car respectively. It helps in providing the much talked about shivers while riding if accidentally pressed very hard while it is the same agent which can keep your fuel usage at check. Pressing the paddle gently and maintaining constant speeds help a driver in maintaining a good overall fuel efficiency figure.

The injectors are directly dependent on the press of the paddle as they spray normal amount of fuel when the pedal is in normal use while pressing it hard opens them to their maximum possible configuration.

Braking hard should never be missed when it is required as it can save you from the standing danger in front of you. The other type of hard braking is the one which we see within the cities at peak hours. When we drive from one traffic light to another, we suddenly accelerate and burn extra fuel while sudden brakes force us to accelerate more than the required after we put our pedal away from the brake lever.

In the same way, the operation of the clutch should be minimized to a second while changing the gear only. Pressing it unnecessarily increases the wear and tear of the car’s physical parts.

  • Keeping Window’s Shut

Many of us believe that rolling down the windows and turning off the air conditioner improves the mileage but the reality is a bit different. The rolled down windows increase the anti-aerodynamic effect on the car and this will lead to more fuel usage due to the need of more power in pulling the car.

  • Top Gear Driving Theory

A car should be driven in the top most gear if possible as it consumes the least amount of fuel while accelerating on the same speed as any other gear of the car. Knocking should be avoided while a gear should be dropped instead of giving a bit of acceleration when the car starts knocking. The injectors are relaxed on this occasion and sudden acceleration would mean excess fuel into the engine.

  • Losing Weight

Excess of weight can highly impact the efficiency of a car as it needs more power to pull those extra kilograms, asking for more fuel at that time. This never means that you should not let passengers sit in your car as sharing a car can help the world use less fuel when calculated in total.

  • Avoid Idling

When we calculate fuel efficiency, we never calculate the time when the car was switched on while the tyres were not moving at all. Idling returns 0 kmpl and highly effects the fuel efficiency calculation. You will get a few less kilometers if you keep your car switched on at every traffic light.

Buying a car with start stop technology is a good option as it can save a lot of fuel if implemented on a large scale. Gas stations must be hating technology now!

  • Timely Servicing

The most important of all is the maintenance of the car as servicing a machine on time improves it overall health and this can help in reducing the pollution and even getting a better mileage. The injectors should be cleaned from time to time while the air filters are to be replaced at specific intervals. Using better engine oil improves performance, thus improving the overall fuel efficiency.

Our generation is being a bit lazy than the last generation of humans as we have restricted overselves from doing physical work and our reliability on machines is not a good thing in the long run. We should prefer cycling if the distance is short as a cycle can easily cover a few kilometers in 15 minutes. Using cars or bikes in such short distances are not at all profitable and measures like cycling can help in the reduction of traffic as well as keeping us fit for a long time.