The Survival Story of a Rider & His Mahindra Mojo

Well, not everyone is as lucky as the rider in this incident and safe riding in a country like ours, with increasing traffic day by day, has become a topic of utmost importance. Vishwanath was travelling on his Mahindra Mojo from Porur to Ramapuram in Tamil Nadu when a truck came up on the road suddenly in a hurry from a factory.

Being slow enough, he jumped away from the bike and unfortunately his Mojo went under the front right wheel arch of the truck. The use of helmet saved Vishwanath from the unfortunate moment while his Mojo, which was expected to have lost its front part, was taken out with nearly no visual loss to the front forks, alloy wheel and even the front headlight assembly.

Since India is a large country, a major chunk of its citizens are ready to hit you every time they are on road with some reason or without a reason. Stay safe, travel safe and do involve yourself with your surroundings while riding. It may help in saving any number of lives in the future. Around 1.46 lakh unfortunate people lost their lives on the Indian roads last year.