The Legendary Yamaha RX 100 – Photos + Infographics

Yamaha RX-100, the best a company can manufacture within a limit of 100 cubic centimetres, was sold in India in 80’s and 90’s. The bike came with a 2-stroke, 98 cc engine producing 11 HP and 10.39 NM of torque.

The figures were nothing less than race bike specification of that time as the machine weighed just 95 kg, when dry. It had a 10.5 litre fuel tank and returned only 35-45 kmpl.

The unbelievable fact about the Yamaha legend was its top speed, clocking at 100 kmph through its 4-speed gearbox. Strict emission norms wiped out a golden piece of machine architecture and the bike was discontinued from production for being a 2-stroke. Nothing like the same was ever built till date, making the RX100 a true legend.

Key Specifications of Yamaha RX 100 -

  • Displacement - 98 cc
  • Maximum Power - 11 BHP @ 7500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque - 10.39 NM @ 6500 rpm
  • Gearbox - 4-speed constant mesh
  • Seat Height - 765 mm
  • Ground Clearance - 145 mm
  • Kerb/Wet Weight - 103 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 10.5 litres
  • Top Speed - 100 kmph

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Infographic - All you need to know about Yamaha RX 100

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Infographic - 10 must know facts about Yamaha RX 100

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Official Brochure Scan of Yamaha RX 100

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Random Photos of Yamaha RX 100

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