The GO-KART Tournament - North India's first open karting tournament for everyone

" If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough. " - Mario Andretti, F1 World Champion.

With the aim of promoting motorsport culture among youth, GritGait in association with Wonder Speedway promises a turbocharged experience to all the motorheads. We present to you, THE GO-KART TOURNAMENT.

It’s a heartfelt pleasure to write this message to all fellow motorheads and it’s a delight to introduce you to GritGait Event Management LLP based out of Delhi. My name is Anish Verma, a motorhead and a hoonigan from heart, Partner-Director of GritGait professionally and we as a team are organizing NORTH INDIA’S FIRST GO-KART Tournament in WONDER SPEEDWAY, GIP MALL, Noida.

To briefly explain about the tournament, it will be conducted the same way as IPL is conducted. Participants will go through Qualifying stage to Semi-Final and then to the Final Race. The final winners of the tournament will be awarded with Cash Prize, trophy, coupons etc.

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