Tesla Autopilot Saves Passengers: Automatically Avoids Collision

Tesla Autopilot avoids a deadly collision that could have happened if the system would not have detected the incident at the right time and automatically applied brakes for the car. The cars in front of the Tesla suddenly collided and the toppled SUV stays right in the same lane after the hard hit.

The system detects the same through its radar and brakes at 113 kmph, leaving quite much distance between the Tesla and the SUV. The version 8.0 of Tesla Autopilot observed the emergency braking by the SUV and sends an audio signal for Forward Collision Warning. The system then brakes automatically to bring the car to 0 kmph in just few seconds. Tesla is well known for its safety standards and advanced technologies.

This is not the first time when Tesla is in news for an incident regarding its Autopilot. They always advice to keep your hands at the steering as the system never says that it will drive you to a place and comes handy in emergency conditions only.