Super Mario Run Game Now Available on iPhone and iPad iOS platforms

Apple had already made it very clear at the time of iPhone 7 launch in September that they will team up with Nintendo to bring Mario to the App Store as Super Mario Run. And as per the decision Nintendo has launched Super Mario Run for both iPhone and iPad today.

Unlike the other Nintendo versions, this game runs on a touch-based interface for the smart phone. The game can be easily played with one hand or just your finger/thumb. This is an arcade game in which Mario seems to be moving forward and you use variety of jumps to navigate.

The fun thing about the game is that it depends on the touch sensor of the iPhone/ iPad. How the player in the game behaves depends on the timing of your tap. So you can use your finger/ thumb expertise and it will effect the quality of your game. The game is simple ( just like other Mario versions ) You run, dodge obstacles, collection coins and reach your goals.

This is a delightful news for all the Mario fans, as playing this game on your iPhone and iPad will bring back the old nostalgia from your childhood. Also after the success of Pokemon GO, this game is also expected to break a lot of records and become the favorite on Apple’s app store. The game will make it to the Android platform by early next year.

Check out the game’s video review here :

Video Source : iDB