Stunt Bike Freestyle: Rare MotorSport Stunt Gaming Experience (Coming Soon)

Freestyle Stunt Riding is the new charm of motorcycling where the rider is free from the compulsion of buying a super-sport motorcycle as seen in street and track races. All you need is a bike and the most important in this case is your skills.

Lift it up, throw in down, turn it around and drive on a single wheel, there is no denial that it is a lifetime experience. Seems difficult in real life, no need to worry as here is the solution to safe and interactive stunt biking on your phone itself.

Gautham Demon Slz, the man behind the fact that a motorcycle is not always to race and a game is not always about completing the laps at the first position, feels that the upcoming Stunt Bike Freestyle will help people enjoy motorcycling in a really different manner. Gautham, the director of this project, is a follower of our page and after creating a game MOD for GTA (Stunt CIty Ultimate), the need for a standalone game for stunt riders was felt by him.

3 years ago, he was injured in a road accident when a drunk driver came in wrong way into a corner at high speed. The accident totally destroyed both the car and the bike. He survived with multiple fractures on both legs and left hand while recovering from this, he was confined to a wheelchair for more than one year. The Urge to balance a bike on one wheel was so irresistible that he started doing that in games like motoGP and GTA. The passion about motorcycling turned the former freestyle stunt rider into a graphic designer and the game was born.

Stunt Ride freestyle is the story of a young man falling in love with stunt riding when he sees a world renowned rider practicing his moves. The main character (which will be played by you) will purchase a sub 399 cc bike and get into the art of stunt riding. This will introduce him to an underground community of local stunt riders who will later ride with you and push you to your best. David Boyd, Dustin Duprey ,Sarah Lezito are some of the famous riders who will be acting in this game

Unlike most bike games this game actually features 100’s of modifications all the way from simple paint job to custom made sprockets and frames.You may get inspiration from these beautiful machines and work on your own to make them in real life.