Students to get Extra Marks for CNG Kits on their Scooters

Mahanagar Gas Limited recently launched CNG kits for scooter that can be fitted for INR 15,000 and carries a capacity of 1.2 kg. This makes it easy for the owner to ride the scooter for 100 kilometers as the same kit provides a mileage of 90 km per kg. This kept the running cost at around 60 paise only.

Maharashtra’s Education minister, Mr Vinod Tawde, has announced that students that are eligible for driving gearless scooters with CNG kits should be provided extra marks as their contribution for keeping the environment clean. The move will surely attract parents and children, hence increasing the use of CNG fuel.

The kits offered by Lovato are certified by ARAI and provide a great way of curbing the increasing pollution problem. They have authorized 18 scooter models for the kit and this could help saving millions of liters of petrol from one state itself. Further, the CNG kit can be made available nationwide in the coming time.