Street Legal 1020 HP Posaidon Tuned Mercedes-AMG E63

Before the launch of the 2017 Mercedes AMG E63, German modifier Posaidon has presented a great goodbye gift to the car. Producing a mind blowing 1020 HP and dream shattering 1400 Nm of torque, the 5.5 L V8 Biturbo is the most powerful E-Class ever imagined.

The engine components have been replaced by those which can handle the beastly grunt of this modified machine while its overall weight has been lowered by using carbon fiber in external body parts. The car is good for a 0-100 kmph sprint of 2.8 seconds.

The top speed of the car has been limited to 368 kmph as the tyres are not suitable for any more speeds than this value. Six piston carbon ceramic brakes are used at the front while the rear uses the same unit with four pistons. This E63 is not a family car as the rear seats have been removed for saving some extra weight.