Samsung sued over Galaxy S7 Edge explosion

Samsung has issued a battery recall for the Galaxy S7 edge but it didn’t come out an warnings for its users and now have to face a lawsuit. This is because of the recent battery explosion while the S7 was in the users pocket. The has resulted into second and third degree burns for the affected.

What has created more trouble for Samsung is that the explosion took place even while the phone was not on charging unlike other incidents reported till date in which the Galaxy Note7 explosion was found while the device was being charged. It seems that the issue was the handsets inability to regulate the amount of charge being fed into the phone.

This has really doubled the problems for Samsung as of now. The affected user along with other affected by the S7 Edge have also joined the lawsuit. For now, Samsung hasn’t come up with any official statement but it is clear that it will take a lot of efforts to regain the brand’s reputation.

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