Rumour: Mahindra's mini-Bolero may be launched next month

Rumors have come up that Mahindra would be adding another product to its compact UV portfolio. It is being speculated that Mahindra is currently working on under 4-meter iteration of the Bolero. Another amazing fact is that this new mini Bolero is expected to be launched in August in this year itself.

Currently, the Bolero available in market has got 4,170 mm length. Since rumors claim that the new Bolero will be designed under 4-meters that means Mahindra designers will have to shave off the current one by 170 mm to give it an under 4-meters shape. As per reports, the mini Bolero will retain the same wheelbase but the front and rear overhangs will have to undergo modifications for meeting the 4-meter target length.

The front and rear bumpers would also be optimized but the majority of the body panels would be the same as that in the larger Bolero.The interiors would also be the same as in Bolero and the seat design might be optimised. The mini-Bolero is expected to be offered with a 7-seater layout as in TUV3OO and the NuvoSport.

The mini-Bolero would get its power from the 1.5-litre, three-cylinder mHawk diesel engine, which is again same as that in TUV3OO and NuvoSport. The mini-Bolero will be detuned to deliver 68 Bhp and thus will deliver higher fuel economy figures.

Bolero is going to be the fourth compact UV after TUV300, KUV100 and NuvoSport by Mahindra.