Rolls Royce 103EX Wishes Happy 100th Birthday to BMW

Rolls Royce presents its warm wishes to BMW on it’s 100th birthday by revealing the futuristic 103EX, their vision for next 100 years. It is a fully autonomous luxury vehicle with a hand-built chassis, making it more special than anything else like it on Earth.

Not just that Rolls Royce plans to use such advanced manufacturing technology where customers can choose the shape, size and length of the car according to their own need. The VISION NEXT 100 is said to have a very important role in the coming future, carrying the legacy of the brand ahead with its full pride.

Eleanor, the virtual assistant of the passengers would help them in every possible way by reminding them about the important things to be carried and schedules to be followed before leaving home. Their would be no steering wheel while the transparent OLED screen at the front would let all the commands get into the system from the passengers.

The glass panel above could raise upto a considerable height, helping the passenger stand easily while its zero-emission, all electric power-train would help the company skip its big V12’s in the coming time. The red laser on the side gives the red carpet feel whenever the passengers feel that they need it.