Rare Lotus C-01 for Sale in North America (Image Gallery Inside)

The iconic car manufacturer Lotus had once manufactured something which holds the record of being first two-wheeler from the company. Yes, Lotus C-01 is not a sports car but a rare motorcycle with loads of Lotus engineering into it. It was manufactured in 2014 with only 100 units on the production line. The one here is just 3.2 km driven and commands approx the same amount of Crore as its odometer reading.

The expected price for the same is around INR 2.4-3.6 Crore for the exclusive product, making its INR 70 lakh launch price feel too small in just 2 years. Mecum Auction in Monterey, California will hold the event on 18th August 2016.

The motorcycle was designed by Daniel Simon, the man behind the designs of Bugatti cars and Tron motorcycle. The body is made from carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace grade steel. This keeps the weight as low as possible while the engine here is the KTM sourced 1195 cc, V-twin producing 180 PS. The same is available in various body paints, resembling the Lotus cars of various times.

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