Prices Slashed by upto INR 2.82 lakh for Ford Endeavour Trend Variants

Ford India has slashed the prices for its Trend variants of the new Endeavour in India. The massive SUV now starts at INR 23,78,000 while the most loaded 3.2 L Titanium variant is still listed for INR 29,76,800. Surprisingly, the most basic 2.2 L 4x2 MT Trend variant had no change to its price and retails for INR 25,00,800.

The price cut for both 2.2 L 4x2 AT and 2.2 L 4x4 MT has resulted in the clash of price at INR 23,78,000. The former received a cut of 1.73 lakh and 2.82 lakh respectively. The 3.2 L Trend also received a cut of 1.73 lakh, currently pricing it at INR 25,93,000.

The prices for both Titanium variants remains the same at INR 27,50,800 for the 2.2 L and 29,76,800 for the 3.2 L. Ford India has not mentioned any change in price for the 4x2 MT Trend variant of the 2.2 L Endeavour while it could be the most affordable variant, if seen from the equipment list.

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