Prevailing Car tyre blast during driving


Can anyone suggest me how to avoid tyre blast during driving especially on a Highway. Happened to read today’s newspaper “THE HINDU” (english daily , chennai edition) news of Road accident in Dharmapuri-Krishnagiri national highway. The SUV (TATA) which was heading towards Bangaluru on 26th Mar 2016, carries 6 adults(3-Men and 3-Women) had hit the median and the truck because of TYRE BLAST. The truck driver too died in hospital.

Its really quiet a sad news to hear about the above accident.

Now the question is:

  1. How to avoid tyre blast during driving? and how it happens?

  2. What are the precautionary methods to be taken before we get into Highway(bcos of high speed)

Pls suggest me as we can save lot of lives.

Pls click the below link (accident video) posted in



Tyre Blast is caused due to excessive air pressure inside the tyre. If the tyre is extra inflated, it can blast at high speeds as the air inside the tyre expands with high speeds or long distance drives. This causes loss of control and the accident occurs.

Air pressure should always be seriously checked while driving a car as less air increases fuel consumption while more air reduces traction as well as causes blasts of the tyre. A tyre with moderate air has more chances of resisting a sharp object while more air increases the chances of tearing apart of the tyre.

We should always keep the tyre pressure under check and do not exceed the speed limit given for the tyre by the manufacturer. When covering long distances, short breaks can provide a bit of relief to the tyres as air cools down while the car stands still for sometime.