Praëm SP3: 15-Year Old Honda VTR1000 SP1 in New Clothes

Praëm, a new name to the automobile industry has gifted an all new avatar for the 15 year old Honda VTR1000 SP1. Named as SP3, the motorcycle underpins the components from the veteran and comes with a whole new look.

The SP3 comes with a body made out of 100’s of thin aluminum wires instead of regular sheet metal design. This makes the whole process quite expensive and Sylvain Berneron, a former BMW Motorrad designer along with Florent Berneron, an aeronautic expert has made the whole thing possible.

Expect the frame and swingarm, the SP3 comes with all new and advanced products like Öhlins FGR forks, Brembo calipers with carbon ceramic brakes and even wheels made up of carbon by Rotobox. A TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph has been mounted on the aluminium bracket to the fairing brace.

Ordering a Praëm SP3 would allow the rider to have a fully customized unit with personal additions and subtractions. The motorcycle has been launched in Paris and company says it has 7 more designs based on other motorcycle types also.

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Sketches for the Praëm SP3