Photos - Yamaha Resonator 125 Concept

Yamaha has developed an all-new 125cc concept motorcycle known as Resonator 125 and it will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Here is what Yamaha has to say about its new 125cc concept bike –

“The Resonator125 is a concept model that proposes a lifestyle with an authentic sport bike for young people who have not yet discovered the joys of motorcycling. With a lightweight, slim and compact chassis and an instrument panel assembly using an innovative device, this model melds elements of the near future with the nostalgic for a new fusion of motorcycle eras. It also sports wood panels on the fuel tank and seat cowl with authentic wood grain material used in guitars and engravings on the muffler, fuel tank cap and more done with same intricate techniques used for brass wind instruments. The result is a motorcycle that seeks to inspire young people with concepts and qualities that only the Yamaha brand can deliver.”

  • Engine type - Air-cooled, 4-stroke
  • Cylinder arrangement - Single cylinder
  • Displacement – 125cc
  • Fuel supply system- Fuel injection

Official Photos of Yamaha Resonator 125 Concept

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