Photos - Land Rover Range Rover Sentinel

  1. Range Rover Sentinel is based on the top-spec Autobiography variant

  2. VR8 level certification, it can withstand 7.62mm high-velocity armour piercing incendiary bullets

  3. Lateral protection against up to 15 kg TNT blasts

  4. Provides defence against DM51 grenade explosions

  5. Six-piece armoured passenger cell manufactured from “super-high-strength steel”

  6. Multi-laminated armour privacy glass which grants bullet protection while maintaining great clarity for the driver and passengers

  7. 20-inch alloys with heavy-duty run-flat tires and has also received a fire suppression system.

  8. Supercharged V6 3.0-liter with 340 PS and 8-speed ZF automatic transmission

  9. Approximate price - €400,000

  10. 3-year / 50,000-mile warranty