Person Killed after Tesla Model S Autopilot Crashes into Trailer

Raising questions over the safety of autonomous driving technologies, the first fatality incident in a self driving car occurred recently in a Tesla Model S. The car crashed into a trailer which suddenly turned left and the driver was killed in this incident.

The question comes that if the car could not detect a moving trailer in front of it, why is everyone calling this technology useful and future friendly. Tesla has a different explanation and says that the car misunderstood the white paint and high ground clearance of the trailer as sky in front of it.

The driver was watching a Harry Potter movie after giving the full access to the autopilot system of the car. Tesla’s system is a semi autonomous system for public road use and the directions state that the driver should be present all the time on the steering wheel.

Even after these explanations and facts, the stocks of the carmaker fell by 3 percent. An investigation has been filed by US safety regulators and if Tesla fails to prove safe, 25000 cars would be recalled by the carmaker.