Over 1 crore Indians now use Honda CBS!

It’s been years that Honda has been offering the safe technologies like ABS and CBS through its two-wheelers to its customers. And this is really incredible about the automaker that safety has been on top of their priority list. If we look at the figures, Honda has reached more than 1 crore Indians! Coming to the global level, Honda has already been offering this technology for over three decades since now.

Honda two-wheelers are equipped with CBS with Equalizer technology. CBS or Combined Brake System reduces the braking distance by making simultaneous use of both the front and rear brakes which in return increases braking efficiency. On the other hand, equalizer does the function of distributing braking force between the front and rear wheels proportionately by pressing just the left lever (in all Honda’s automatic scooters) or foot paddle (in 4 Honda motorcycle models).

Infact, its quite late now when the Indian government is still planning to make ABS and CBS (Combined Brake System) as a compulsory thing for automobiles. The death rate in India due to road accidents records to 17 deaths per hour and we are in urgent need of such technologies.