Ninja H2 Inspired R2 and S2 Rendered

Kawasaki is said to be working on a new platform of high performance motorcycles, highly inspired from their recently launched Ninja H2’s design and technology. The news has been out from Japanese magazine Young Machine’s column and the predictions are named as Ninja R2 and S2. The registration of these patents by Kawasaki points in the direction of a correct story being cooked under the supercharged technology.

The new R2 is expected to be a low powered version of the mighty H2 as it gets similar designing with minor differences between them. It even can be seen as a road friendly version of H2 and may use a less powerful supercharger for a guess.

The S2 is seen as a totally different offering, expected with a small 2-cylinder 650 cc turbocharged machine. The same gets a different design and is expected to be displayed as a concept at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, starting on 29th October 2015.

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