NGT Plans to Ban 2000 cc and Above Diesel Cars in 11 More Cities

After a heartbreaking long ban in Delhi NCR and recent application in Kerela, NGT has been planning for a ban of 2000cc and above diesel cars in 11 more cities of the country. According to the reports, they have been collecting data for various cities and computing the value like number of cars, population, petrol/diesel ratio and many more.

The list may include Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Patna and others according to the results of the data collection. The central government is not in the favor of the this decision and various auto makers consider this as unfair due to the losses occurring to them.

According to Toyota, they have a large share in vehicles with large engine capacity and if diesel is the root cause, even small cars should also be banned as both the small as well as large cars pass the given Indian emission tests. If applied at such large area, the profits of all the car makers would go down by a large margin.

Not just that, it even shows that the emission norms were just a joke as how can somebody halt down the sales even after all the taxes were paid and regulation were followed by the brands. Instead of charging those found guilty, they easy way of banning all would definitely feel unfair to a large part of the population.