New Trend of latest Bikes are very expensive, Is it worth enough to Buy?

Hi All,

I am new to this community. I have some questions to ask and also require some advise to understand the people point of view. My question is regarding Money to spend or not?
All well known Bike Manufacturing company are coming up with latest model’s in the market, have you guys seen the prices that they cost way beyond the average middle class expectation. On other hand I know entire generation is crazy for biking, on top of it India money market is NOT Booming like Dollars. Around 5 to 7 years back people looking Spots Bike on the Road and just drop their Jaw, now if they see an Expensive Spots Bike right next to him. Guess what would be the reaction, he will give an ignored attitude look in his mind saying “Even My Friend Has It, Dude”.
I would like to end my views right here, there more to say I would rather listen to some new point of view.

Well, the worth of buying now a days has gone more into rider’s satisfaction instead of the market value and the reviews of others who are just visually connected for a short time with the motorcycle. No doubt, the prices are going up with a considerable speed but that too brings more and more technology to the machines.

Many Indian motorcycle firms like Bajaj Autos have learnt that using technology can make them more popular among traditional offerings of the motorcycle world. They used KTM technology for more powerful and refined Pulsar’s whereas KTM used their platform for affordable production cost. The result favored both with the Pulsar selling at really good number and KTM’s overall cost of production getting quite low for the entry level models.

In no other country, we would get the RC390 for such a competitive price tag or even you can consider that RC125 costs much more in nearly every country. The worth of expensive bikes is not actually up to that mark because buying a product worth INR 100 for INR 220 (CBU taxes) or INR 160 (CKD taxes) makes the whole game lesser exciting than everything.

I would prefer buying a locally produced product like RC390 instead of the over priced Yamaha R3 as actual cost of the R3 is again INR 2,03,500 when calculated without the CKD taxes. I being a motorcycle fan would love to see superbikes all around but also being a bit conservative at spending money, I would wish that all of those are manufactured in my country, providing maximum benefit to the people.