New Toyota Fortuner beats Ford Endeavor in Sales for Nov 2016

The new Toyota Fortuner has arrived in style and within a month it has beaten Ford Endeavbour in sales figures in November 2016. Earlier this year the launch of New Ford Endeavour had seen a decline in the sales of Toyota Fortuner.

The new Fortuner which comes with a facelift and looks like a Lexus has proven to be a game changer. On the contrary in March 2016 Fortuner witnessed lowest ever sales for the raunchy SUV. But even in March Fortuner was ahead of Endeavour but slowly it lagged behind making Endeavour the segment leader.

For instance, the new Toyota Fortuner registered a sale of only 509 as against 560 units of Ford Endeavour. The biggest reason for the decline in sales of Fortuner was the fact that the fans were waiting for the launch of newly updated SUV from Toyota. And the results are in and the New Fortuner is the market favorite again with a sales figure of 1,924 units as against 562 for Endeavour.

The New Fortuner is based on an IMV platform which is also found in Innova Crysta. Even the 2.8 L Diesel and 2.7 L petrol engine are shared with the ones featured in Innova’s new version.

This was the first time when Toyota’s premium SUV lagged behind in the segment sich its launch in 2008-09 as Fortuner has been known by premium buyers for its strong road presence and off-road capabilities. The new Ford Endeavour somehw surpassed the old market leader and won the race.