Mumbai-Ahemdabad to get a bullet train by 2023

According to a recent feasibility report submitted by a Japenese Government Agency, India is planning to get it’s first bullet train project on the Mumbai Ahemdabad corridor. The project is said to cost INR 1 lakh crores of taxpayer’s money.

The report has been submitted by Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) for feasibility of a bullet train between the Mumbai-Ahemdabad corridor. The track is supposed to be 505 kilometres long with a budget of about Rs 98,805 crores. The bullet train will have an estimated speed of 300 kilometres per hour. It will enable a passenger to cover the distance between these two major cities within 2 hours instead of 7 hours.

Also it is said that the suggested fair for a journey will cost somewhere around INR 2,800 which is more than the cost of a Rajdhani first class AC. It is estimated that if the project is commenced by this year, the project will be complete by 2023. The train will be able to carry 40,000 passengers by 2023 making it a financially viable project.

The passengers will also get to travel underwater in a 21 km tunnel between Thane and Virar. Both State Government’s of Gujarat and Maharashtra will contribute 25% each in the project with remaining 50% funded by the Central Government.