Mitsubishi Has Been Lying About Fuel Economy Since 1991

In a very shocking revelation, Mitsubishi Motors Corp has admitted to lying about fuel economy data of some of its cars since 1991.

Over 625,000 cars have had their mileages overstated, out of which 468,000 were produced for Nissan and 157,000 were sold under the Mitsubishi brand tag.

The discrepancies in fuel mileage were noticed by Nissan when cars returned a less than claimed mileage in results.

MMC has discontinued operations with Nissan and is working on plan to compensate the aggrieved customers.

In the past, Hyundai, Ford and Kia have also overstated their fuel economies.

Commenting on the matter, Mitsubishi Motors said: “We found that with respect to the fuel consumption testing data … MMC conducted testing improperly to present better fuel consumption rates than the actual rates and that the testing method was also different from the one required by Japanese law. We express deep apologies to all of our customers and stakeholders for this issue."