Mini's Vision Next 100 Reveals Plans for the Coming Century

Along with Rolls Royce, BMW’s another brand Mini presented a surprise to all its fans with the new Vision Next 100 Concept. Preparing itself for the coming century, Mini has lost its old school design cues and got itself a brand new shell for the coming days.

The new Mini would not be the same as the present one. It would be fully autonomous and would care more about car sharing than car owning experience to the passengers. BMW also believes that the future is uncertain and the current vision enables them to imagine the world as an Eco-friendly place.

Unlike the Rolls Royce Concept, Mini would offer the chance of self driving with its steering wheel. It would also have a performance mode hidden somewhere inside. The Mini would offer an Inspire Me button on the dashboard, allowing the users to download his profile and play whatever they like on the Mini.