MG Hector Catches Fire! Spotted Burning in the Middle of the Road (Video)

I am planning on buying myself an SUV next month and was stuck between the choices like MG Hector, Kia Seltos or Tata Harrier. Considering every specific detail, I finally shortlisted the MG Hector, went to the dealership, and finalised all the prospects. Now, a friend of mine forwarded me a video link of MG Hector catching fire in the middle of the road in Delhi. Can anyone please help me understand why the SUV is at such a risk or if there are any other defaults in the car that i don’t know… I was planning to finalise my purchase next month but now I am confused if it’s the right choice?
Here is the video i received on Whatsapp.


Yes, I also saw the videos that have been uploaded on Youtube with the MG Hector catching fire while being on the road. I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy such a car where the passengers are at risk. Can someone tell me if the fault is with every variant of the car or this was the driver’s mistake? I have searched a lot and there aren’t any legit claims taken by the brand and neither they have accepted their fault.

Here is the video that my friend forwarded in the morning

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I have a friend that recently bought the MG Hector Diesel MT and he’s been very much satisfied with the overall functioning of the SUV. He hasn’t witnessed any kind of default concerning the engine or any other damaging issues as such. I am sure if the brand feels responsible for the fault at their end, they will be releasing an official press release anytime soon. I actually hope that the SUV doesn’t have any overheating engine issues as it would bring a bad name to the British brand who is already facing tough competition from the very successful Kia Seltos as well as the Tata Harrier. Since Tata is also planning on launching the Tata Gravitas sometime soon, it would be best for MG to consider their position in the SUV market.

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The owner of the SUV has officially came out and has confirmed in a statement that he installed some aftermarket third-party accessories from a dealership and their faulty functioning was probably the cause of his MG Hector getting caught on fire. The brand has contacted the owner of the car the same day while has ensured that all the passengers present inside the car are safe. The owner appreciates the high level of customer service issued by the brand personally for that matter.

You can read more about the official details here - Here's Why MG Hector Caught Fire in Delhi; Owner Issues Statement

MG Motor recently issued an official statement which clears why the SUV caught fire. They said- "Four days ago, we were apprised by one of our esteemed customers about fire in his MG Hector in Delhi. This was unfortunate and the first case of its kind for us. The customer and the driver were completely safe.

We immediately started two sets of investigations. One team comprised of our internal team of expert engineers especially trained on such issues at MG Motor. At the same time, we contacted an independent external agency under Government to investigate the details and determine the root cause.

Both investigations concluded that the electrical connections as well as oil and fuel line of this car were completely intact. It further reveals the presence of foreign material and its debris in complete charred condition in engine bay near very high temperature zone - exhaust manifold and ABS module line. The debris of the material could be suggestive of the presence of foreign material such as cleaning cloth or something similar which could have been the cause of fire under contact with high temperature parts of the exhaust system.

We would like to apprise you that the customer and his family are very satisfied with out response and handling of the issue. They are happily driving another Hector. The MG Hector has been tested for over 1 million kilometres in India before its launch and it is built in line with global standards. Consumer safety is a key priority for us at MG Motor India and a core part of our internal value systems.

We would also like to reiterate our commitment towards complete transparency and providing our customers with quick response to all their queries and issues.

We are determined to build our brand through the strength and quality of our products and by delivery great customer satisfaction"