Meet 2016 Yamaha R1S - The Most Affordable R1

Yamaha has launched a downgraded version of its famous supersport machine R1. The newcomer is called as R1S and it comes with many differences than a traditional track based R family machine.

The differences start by replacing the magnesium parts of the bike with aluminium parts and titanium parts with steel ones. This makes the bike heavier with an addition of 4-5 kg into its body weight. The valve design has also been revised and using steel connecting rods led to a decrease in overall power production of the bike. The redline has also been lowered by 1000 rpm.

The R1S gets new Bridgestone S20 tyres instead of the track focused Bridgestone Battlax RS10 units. The cost cutting has been effectively worked and Yamaha has made the bike more street focused than its track based cousins. The quickshifter on the R1S has been kept optional this time. The bike will be made available from February 2016 and no changes have been made to the suspension and chassis department.

The best part comes to the pricing as the new R1S has been kept at $14,990 whereas the base R1 comes with a price tag of $16,490. The limited edition 60th anniversary model comes with a tag of $16,990 whereas the mighty R1M gets a $21,990. The R1S would be offered in Matte Grey and Intensity White with Red shade.

Source - 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1S - A Poor Man's R1 - Asphalt & Rubber