Man Arrested Over 20 Year Old Fake Herbal Petrol Case

A person named Ramar Pillai from Tamil Nadu once claimed of making herbal petrol from water in 1996 and sold the same for many years under brand names like Ramar bio-fuel and Ramar Petrol. That time chief minister, M Karunanidhi was amazed with the invention and helped the person patent the fuel and even granted 10 acres of land for development of the technology.

IIT Madras and Indian Institute of Petroleum never backed these claims but still, Ramar made out INR 2.27 Crore from the product. 20 years later, investigation by CBI has claimed that the fuel use petrochemicals and registered a case against Ramar for fraud. After hearing all of the pleas, Ramar has been issued a 3 year jail sentence and just INR 30,000 fine.

The thing which is fishy here is that even after doing this odd thing for 20 years, Ramar just got a fine of INR 30,000 after earning above 2 Crore. A clean profit of such big amount and then getting a term of just 3 years, where was his real punishment for this fraud ?