Mahindra KUV100: The Official Name for S101 Compact SUV

According to a report by Autocar India, the S101 compact SUV would be called as Mahindra KUV100 for the mass market. The reason for a different moniker comes out to be the value linked to the XUV500 moniker, making the company aware of the consequences when two totally different products would be called by the same general name, XUV.

The K in the KUV100 stands for Kompact and according to the recent spy-shots, the car is more like a compact crossover instead of SUV. The design is focused towards better interior space and higher stance than usual segment cars. Exact details would be revealed on 18 December 2015.

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Source - Mahindra S101 compact SUV to be called KUV100 | Autocar India