Mahindra Acquires British Motorcycle Brand BSA

Mahindra and Mahindra recently acquired the iconic British Brand, BSA, in a deal worth INR 28 Crore. Classic Legends Private Limited, a subsidiary of the company bought a total of 1.2 lakh shares of the BSA. Mahindra can now use the brand name to sell the motorcycles under the same name globally.

BSA now has presence limited to certain countries like Japan, Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Malaysia. Mahindra is planning for business expansion through major acquisitions, including the famous 76 percent stake in Pininfarina and 51 percent in Peugeot Motorcycles.

Mahindra may reignite the passion within the strict BSA fans. Through advanced technologies and low cost manufacturing, it may let the fans relive the 9 decade old glory in the coming days.

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