Limited Edition Ferrari F12tdf (Tour De France) - Endurance Racing Tribute

Ferrari has launched a limited edition F12tdf variant for celebrating its success in the Tour de France endurance race. The 1956 Ferrari 250 GT berlinetta won 4 back to back editions, which makes this particular model a special edition for Ferrari lovers all around the world. The idea of an extremely capable road car has been implemented on this 799 unit production run.

With 87 percent increase in downforce and use of virtual short wheelbase technology, the new Ferrari F12tdf has improved a lot over its running dynamics and performance. 110 kg of weight has been reduced with the use of carbon fiber all around its body and body restyling, resulting in its aerodynamic efficiency figure of 1.6.

The engine on the limited edition model is a V12, 6,262 cc naturally aspirated motor producing 769 HP @ 8500 rpm and 705 NM @ 6750 rpm. The transmission being used is an F1 DCT and it takes just 2.9 seconds for a 0-100 sprint.The front wheels being used are 275/35 ZR 20″ and rear are 315/35 ZR 20″. the maximum speed goes above 340 kmph.