Legendary BMW R7 to be reborn

Lets talk vintage for a little bit and throw you guys off topic completely…

BMW R7 comes from early 1930s designed by a genius engineer Alfred Boning. a prototype was built and for those times it was a very futuristic design as well as very costly…the prototype was left in storage for almost 70 years until was accidentally found in in 2005…they rebuilt it but nothing else happened…it went through few museums and few companies made an attempt to rebuild it their own way but thats about it…finally not long ago a company Nmoto has leaked a sketch of the same motorcycle and it looks pretty gorgeous…if you visit their website it suggests that they are making an attempt to bring it back to life and hopefully put it to production…what are your thoughts guys? do you like it? would you buy something like that?

here is a pic of a prototype followed by the sketch I mentioned