LeEco Unveils an all new Electric Supercar Concept

The chinese tech giant has decided to enter the electric supercar segment with it’s very own all new machine named LeSEE. Here SEE stands for super electric ecosystem. The company has a new setup named LeAuto and is currently helping Aston Martin in the making of RapidE. The car is said to be in motion by 2018 while LeEco’s very own car would come a bit later.

Rivaling the Tesla Model S, LeSEE will feature a single piece glass sunroof with no joint from the front glass to the rear mirror. The battery is placed under the floor while the interior uses shape shifting seats and camera instead of the rear view mirror. The car will also feature facial recognition and mood sensing.

LeEco wishes to rule the automotive sector of the coming future through its internet connected cars, moving further into the autonomous and self driving cars of the coming time.