Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Unveiled: Packs 770 HP, $2.3 Million Price Tag

Lamborghini’s Centenario Roadster has recently been unveiled, proudly presenting it’s open top attitude to the masses. It will be a limited production run of 20 units while all of them have already been sold. The $ 2.3 million price tag for the car fits appropriately well when you get to know that the car produces 770 HP @ 8600 rpm and claims a 2.9 second sprint time from 0-100 kmph.

It comes with an impressive braking distance of 30 meters for 100-0 kmph. The car is a technological masterpiece in itself, carrying the new rear wheel steering system for better stability at high speeds and extensive turning ability at low speeds.

The new Roadster is offered in a special silver shade named Argento Centenario. The super sleek finish was achieved by dissolving the metal and ending the appearance of the metal grain. The car measures 4924 mm in length, 2061 mm in width and 1158 mm in height. The wheelbase measures 2700 mm while the dry weight is 1570 kg.