KTM RC 200 vs Bajaj RS 200

KTM can be called as a revolution in the performance bike industry when specifically seen from the Indian automobile industry’s point of view. The time when Pulsar’s were dying due to rivals like Yamaha and Suzuki, Bajaj’s partnership with KTM brought an all new change to the way Pulsar’s were seen in India.

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The RC 200 is nothing less than a professional track machine. It uses lightweight parts and proves it’s aerodynamic abilities around the corners and high speed highway sprints. Both the bikes use the same engine while the tuning on the KTM RC 200 is on the higher side. It’s body weighs 154 kg and the common 199.5 cc motor is good for 24.65 BHP and 19.2 Nm of torque.

The Pulsar RS 200 actually uses a heavier body, weighing 165 kg and producing a bit less figures (24.2 BHP and 18.6 Nm) of power. This makes it a bit slow when compared to the KTM RC 200. In everyday driving, there is no such power lag felt in the Pulsar but when it comes to a drag race, RC 200 definitely takes the advantages. The Pulsar RS 200 uses conventional front telescopic forks while the RC 200 uses WP 43 mm inverted forks for ultra sharp cornering.

The RC 200 comes with a very aggressive driving posture while the RS 200 uses a bit relaxed setup. Both the bikes are ultra quick as the Pulsar takes 9.92 seconds for a 0-100 kmph sprint while the RC 200 is marginally quick at 9.3 seconds. The Pulsar offers ABS on the optional trim while KTM RC 200 lacks the same and offers just a single variant. Both the bikes use dual projector headlamps and looks amazing from every angle.

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The RC 200 retails for a plain, no excuse cost of INR 1,69,000 while the Pulsar offers itself in two variants, non ABS for INR 1,20,500 and with ABS for INR 1,32,500. This makes the Pulsar full INR 48,500 cheaper than the RC 200. The only verdict for these remains one’s personal choice. RC 200 loves good quality roads and tracks while the Pulsar can handle everything a bit more easily than his cousin yet the best rival.

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Hi, can you please suggest me where can I get this bike in India?

You can buy the KTM RC200 from the following locations.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 can be bought from regular Bajaj dealerships.